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House & Disco
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Wednesdays 21:00 - 22:00


“Legendary” – i.D.

Picture the scene. It’s 6AM at Space Ibiza – now known as HÏ of course – and the surrounding sights include dancers of all colours and persuasions, giant shiny disco balls and DJs from Basement Jaxx to Dimitri From Paris playing lashings of disco, house and soul anthems to one of the most up-for-it crowds on the planet. It’s Friday night and it’s clear that the music sounds better when you’re bouncing around in this particular box: whether you’re a disco connoisseur or a boogie/house newbie, it’s impossible not to be caught up in the musical mischief.

In Ibiza in particular, plaudits for the disco and drag queen fuelled box of glitter speak for themselves: “Glitterbox is saving Ibiza’s soul one disco record at a time” (Vice/Thump). “A timeless event… we’ve hardly ever seen more smiles on the dancefloor” (Ibiza Spotlight). Resident Advisor, meanwhile, took time out from their continued championship of the underground to remind everyone that the best parties past and present are about two fundamental points: namely music and – OH YES – fun. “Glitterbox offers you the chance to really let your hair down and dance,” RA wrote last year, “away from the ubiquitous thud of the island’s house and techno fare.”

And that really is what Glitterbox, at its core, is about: providing something daring and different to the swathes of parties already jostling for position across Ibiza and indeed the globe. It’s also about one more element: and that’s the elusive, unique property known as authenticity. The DJs who play at Glitterbox certainly back up that all-important ethos: in 2016, those sixteen Fridays at Space were acknowledged to be up there with the very best that the island had to offer last year. From Basement Jaxx to Dimitri From Paris and the never-hotter Horse Meat Disco, key moments were made, aired and shared across the planet and right back to the heaving terrace. And since Ibiza remains at the centre of the world’s electronic music scene still, Glitterbox is rightly returning to the island this year. “We chose HÏ for Glitterbox’s Ibiza residency because it is an incredible proposition,” smiles Simon Dunmore. “It’s the new hot spot on the island. The people involved totally believe in the Glitterbox concept, which is still unique to the island. It’s a challenge, but an opportunity that had to be taken.”

At Glitterbox, the crowd remains the true stars of the show – passionate, flamboyant, open-minded, and encompassing all colours, ages, genders and sexual orientations. That’s thanks in part to Glyn Fussell of East Creative and Sink The Pink, who is a brand consultant for Glitterbox. Says Glyn: “Glitterbox is a sensory overload of all the favourite clubbing experiences I’ve ever had in my life! A Disco utopia where everyone smiles, hugs and dances and you leave knowing people’s names. This is my paradise!” Anyone who heads home having had the time of their life (and that means everyone) should also check out the Glitterbox bundle, which is available now from It features two compilation CDs in a twinkly black gift box, with a pin badge and glossy Glitterbox sticker. Anything else you choose to do with the disco and boogie music inside, meanwhile, is entirely up to you.

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