Steve Grace

Steve Grace
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Steve Grace
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Nu Skool The Old Skool with Steve Grace
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Sundays 13:00 - 14:00 (Every 1st and 3rd Week)

Listening to the 80’s Pirate stations like Kiss FM, JFM, TKO, Invicta, Horizon and I guess those endless nights sitting with the boombox recording, pressing pause to remove the adverts and spinning the tape round after 45mins to grab the latest tunes from the likes of Steve Walsh / Greg Edwards / David Rodigan / Robbie Vincent /Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson/ Froggy / Dreem Teem etc.

There was also the yearly pilgrimage to the Soul Weekenders at Prestatyn in Wales where the accomodation was was as bad as the weather, but hey it didnt matter as it was all about the music right !?

I have been lucky enough to live through the golden era of SKA, hip-hop, Electro, Reggae, Funk, Soul , House and dance music and I even used to do the funky worm lol. My main knowledge is in 80’s Club/Soul/Dance and respect and credit to Morgan Khan as he brought underground import dance tracks together on what must still be the finest compilation series of dance vinyl ever released via the Streetsound/Streetwave labels. Loved this series and still do !

If your a House/Dance music fan I believe music in the UK is in a very good place at the moment and I am excited by the recent re-edits/remixes of the 80’s classic tunes giving them a new lease of life for todays generation.

I wouldn’t insult the rest of the family on here by calling myself a DJ but merely a lover of good music that wants to share his passion with others. The real credit goes the guys and girls making the music for us to enjoy and long may it continue 🙂

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